Fun 4th of July Events – Plan Your Entire Weekend!

The 4th of July is such a joyous occasion when we come together with family and friends to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of our country!  So many fun activities around Shrewsbury.  Here is a plan for your entire weekend:

fireworks mulitiple

July 1st Worcester Fireworks:,

July 1-4 Millbury Lions Club Festival:

July 2-4 Old Sturbridge Village:

July 4th Shrewsbury:

Happy 4th of July!  Have fun and stay safe.



Keep Your House Safe While Vacationing

The summer is a popular time to take a vacation. Burglars also know this. Break-ins are most prevalent when a homeowner is on vacation. Here are some ways to deter a burglar:

Install a home alarm system. Not one that just sounds when a window or door is opened. The new alarms let you monitor your entire house from your smart phone. You can turn on lights, lock doors, turn off the A/C.

Put a few lights on timers. This may not always work because if your lights go on at the exact same time everyday, then a burglar watching your house will realize the lights are on a timer, not that someone is home turning them on. So your best bet is to change the time your lights go on every week. Also, have a few lights on timers, one in each section of your house.

Update your front door. The new type of door that is top for security is a steel door. The fancy windows on the side of your door make breaking in easier. Replace the whole unit with a steel door.

Have a neighbor or relative stop by occasionally to check on the house. This benefit is two-fold: a human presence to deter a burglar and to check to make sure everything looks ok.

Leave a radio or tv on. The sounds are a good deterrent for someone looking to break-in.

Lock all doors (even inside garage doors) and windows. This is obvious, but the most common break-in spot is a bedroom window. We open them and then close them often for fresh air. But we often forget to lock them every time.

Hide your valuables. In a good spot…not under the mattress! There are many creative spots, some good ones are found here:

Make sure your valuables are scheduled on your Homeowners Policy!!!

These are great preventative actions to take before going on vacation this summer. If you have any questions on scheduling items on your Homeowners Policy, please call us. Have a fun and safe summer vacation!

Insurance for Multi-Generational Houses

It is very common these days to have many generations living under one roof. Elderly parents often need help as they age and may move into their adult child’s house with his/her family. That family could also have adult children of their own still living in their house. The market has been difficult for Millennials to get jobs, so many of them have moved back in with their parents after college or after losing a job. How does this affect home and auto insurance? Do you have the proper coverage?

multigenerational family


Auto Insurance Changes:

If your parent and/or child is living under your roof and could possibly use your car (and does not have a policy of his/her own), you need to list them on your policy

If your parent and/or child has a policy of his/her own, make sure they are listed on your policy as deferred

You can add your parent and/or child to your policy and have them drop their current policy also. The tricky part with this is if they have a bad driving record. Your premium will increase.


Home Insurance Changes:

If you build an in-law apartment in your home, have your parents get a separate renters policy

With any additions it will increase the value of your house, make sure you are insured for the actual new value.

If your loved one is just staying in a room in your house make sure to account for any valuables they bring with them, antiques should be appraised and scheduled separately on your home policy

Also, if you do not already have an umbrella policy, you should get one. As we have said before, you don’t need to be a millionaire to get sued for a million dollars! Make sure you have the proper coverage, it will pay off in the long run.