All About Joe Mancuso

Joe is the founding father of Mancuso-Nowak Insurance.  The business has been his life for 35 years.  He is the patriarch of this family agency and he oversees the day to day operations with an eye out for agency opportunities.  

How it all began…Joe went to college to become a teacher.  He taught for a few years and then a friend who was in the insurance business suggested he try out insurance for the summer.  If he didn’t like it he could go back to teaching in the fall.  And as they say, the rest is history.  That was in 1976 when he started working for Tully Insurance in West Boylston.  In 1983 Joe met Eddy Nowak through his accountant.  They decided it would be a smart idea to go into business together.  And it was!  Originally located right next door to our current location, Mancuso-Nowak started business in 1983.  In 1988 Joe bought the building next door, 252 Boston Turnpike, renovated it and the agency has been located here ever since.

Joe is a people person.  All of his great relationships with his customers make the business successful.  Many of his customers have been with him for years.  The same is true for the employees.  Kara, our office manager, has been working with Joe for 27yrs.  The office environment is friendly and welcoming, which comes from the way that Joe interacts with the employees.

On the weekends Joe enjoys going down the Cape, especially when his grandchildren are down with him.  Joe has a love of cars and his grandson is following in his footsteps.  Together they go to car shows and share stories of the amazing cars they see, endless hours of car talk.  Joe is a golfer and mostly enjoys it…if he is playing well.  Other days he is never playing golf again.

Mancuso-Nowak is a family business that works hard to make sure your family has the insurance coverage you need.  Joe and Tony are the family foundation of our agency!

All About Tony Tyan

Most of you know Tony – we know this because everyone who calls in to the office says I’m really good friends with Tony.  So half of Massachusetts is best friends with Tony.  Tony is the President of Mancuso-Nowak Insurance. He is one of our fearless leaders in this exciting field of insurance. Tony sells both personal and commercial insurance.  So he makes sure all of your insurance needs are met – home, auto, motorcycle, boat, umbrella.  If you own a business Tony can set you up with Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Commercial Auto policies.  In order to make sure our customers are happy Tony meets with customers to go over coverage and options with policies.  Tony also manages day to day office operations and the employees.

It was 12 years ago that Tony first entered the insurance business.  He was inspired by his wife’s uncle (Uncle Joe), Joe Mancuso.  Working for years in the restaurant industry, Tony realized he needed a change.  He knew nothing about insurance, but had a lot of respect for Joe.  It only took a few meetings for him to realize that this was the business for him.  Joe became Tony’s mentor.  From the start it was a great working relationship.

For Tony insurance is all about the people.  He enjoys working with the employees to find insurance coverage that best suits our customers.  Matching clients with coverage is what it is all about.  Tony says he truly loves what he does, and it shows.  And Tony’s duties aren’t just insurance sales, he is our janitor, our Poland Spring water restocker, and he is really good at buying lunch for everyone in the office too!

On the weekends Tony enjoys spending time with family and friends.  From sports with his son to golf to dinner, Tony knows how to have fun with the ones he cares about.  You can even find him at the latest workout facility…mostly because Kelley, his wife, drags him : ) We like Tony because he lets us make fun of him for going to Soul Cycle!

Mancuso-Nowak is a family business that works hard to make sure your family has the insurance coverage you need.  Tony and Joe are the family foundation of our agency.

All About Theresa Tyan

Theresa’s warm smile brightens the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Theresa is the runner for our office.  As a runner she goes to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for renewals, registrations and new plates for our customers.  She is an invaluable part of our team, as she braves the chaos of the RMV a few times a week.  We do not charge our customers a fee to go to the registry for them, we do it as a courtesy.  When Theresa returns from the RMV she likes to sneak in a chocolate at the front desk.  That’s part of the job description, help eat the office chocolate : )

Theresa is Tony’s mom, so she was introduced into the insurance business through him.  The agency was looking for a runner and Theresa was excited to help out in the office, it was a perfect match.  We all enjoy working with Theresa and love hearing all her stories about the craziness at the RMV and what she has planned for the afternoon.  She is a joy to have as part of our team here at Mancuso-Nowak.

When Theresa isn’t working you can find her going to the gym, knitting and quilting.  On the weekends Theresa goes to church and her grandson’s sporting events.  Taking her granddaughter to lunch is one of her favorite things!  During the summer she takes pleasure in working in her flower gardens and enjoying her backyard pool with family and friends.