Secure a Safe Room at Home for Extra Protection

Although the East Coast doesn’t experience many tornadoes, it can still be a good idea to build a room that is secure for your family. No matter how big or small your property is, having a safe room for protection can be very beneficial to your well being. This way, accidents, injuries, and damages can be mitigated during hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other types of common natural disasters.

Installing a safe room can be expensive if you do not know what you are doing. Hiring a contractor that knows what this type of room requires can help you save money and remain efficient throughout the project. Here are some tips to follow when constructing such a space:

Strong winds from hurricanes can result in the loss of the floor framing, the collapse of basement walls, or serious injuries. This is why building a safe room in the basement is the best location.
Having a safe room can keep dangerous winds and falling debris away from your family. Listen to the weather on the radio s you know when it is safe to reenter your home.
If you live in a high-risk area for disaster, installing a safe room is a good idea.
Prepare an emergency plan and supply kit specifically for getting to and staying in the safe room.
If a disaster strikes, notify the local emergency first responders and out of town family members so important people know ou are safe.
At Mancuso-Nowak Insurance Agency, we hope these tips make it easier for you to feel comfortable in the place you call home. Although you cannot predict when the next storm will come, you can still remain cautious. With so much unpredictability in the weather, you shouldn’t have to wonder where your insurance is coming from. Ask one of our friendly agents for help so you can explore all of your personalized options. When you choose us for your coverage needs, you are choosing more than a comprehensive policy, you are choosing a partner!

Setting a Clear Direction and Expectations for Your Team of Dedicated Employees

Do you have a mission for your business? Whether it is in the works or a long standing statement, your employees must understand its importance. As a business owner, setting clear expectations for your team can help them understand what direction the company is going in. Also, it can give them the confidence to set goals and succeed, which will help your customers see the true value in your services.

Opportunities always come and go, so taking advantage of moments to improve and learn will only increase productivity. In addition, showing how much you care about your employee and their performance can encourage good work. But how can your team know how to be successful within your company? Here are some tips to set clear expectations:

Set up individual meetings with your employees and explain in detail what you expect from each of them. This should go along with their job descriptions and responsibilities. In addition, continue to update and communicate expectations as things change in the industry.
You should communicate what employees can expect from you as their leader. This will vary when it comes to how long an employee has been with the company.
Have your team express what they can expect from one another. This can help create a united and trusting environment.
In order to create realistic expectations, start with a vision of what you want the end result to be.
Always provide regular feedback as your employees meet expectations. This will help them learn new skills and improve along the way.
Establish an attitude of positivity throughout the office so no one feels uncomfortable or put down. Also, encourage everyone to challenge themselves to become better.
At Mancuso-Nowak Insurance Agency, we hope these tips help your company succeed to new heights. Making sure expectations are made clear can also help improve the way your business serves clients. However, although your operation may be running smoothly, that doesn’t mean risks disappear. Having business insurance from us can help you understand the unique mishaps you could face. Let our dedicated agents personalize a package to meet your needs.

As a Driver, would You prefer to use Voice Activated, Hands Free Technology?

Hands free devices may sound like something out of the future, but this type of technology could be closer to becoming a reality than you think. Would you ever want to have the ability to operate your vehicle at the same time as you are texting or talking on the phone? As a driver, you must always be aware of your surroundings, but when your voice controls your phone or music, this could put you a unique risk for an accident.

According to a study conducted by AAA, hands free, voice recognition devices can be just as distracting to drivers as the traditional, hand held ones. Motorists were found to have delayed reaction times and missed visual cues such as stop signs while using hands free devices. Although automakers have been trying to develop systems for safer texting and phone calling on smart phones, that doesn’t erase the cognitive distractions the action of talking brings.

The researchers measured brainwaves and eye movement to evaluate the drivers’ mental workload. It was found that the focus on the road was decreased more so than if no devices were used at all. Therefore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strongly suggests that officials reinforce the idea that mobile devices should be disabled unless the vehicle is stopped and in park.

At Mancuso-Nowak Insurance Agency, we hope motorists don’t take driving for granted. This is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, being responsible and safe behind the wheel can keep everyone both on and off the road out of harm’s way. If you feel you require more protection, then having our auto insurance may help. Our team knows that your needs differ from those of other drivers. Therefore, we will help you every step of the way so you can protect what is important to you.

Understanding Your Leadership in a Mindful, Self-Aware Way

In order to be a good leader to your company, you must be a good listener. What other characteristics should you posses? Most of the time, business owners are so absorbed with their customers, money, or other sources that they forget to focus on their own needs. Shifting your perspective to become a more self-aware leader can help you understand your own leadership better.

Self-awareness is so valuable because it gives you the ability to be conscious of what skills you have, what you can improve on, and what you still have to learn. Being honest with yourself can help you find the confidence you need to admit your own mistakes and help your company grow to its ultimate potential. Here are some tips to help you become more mindful about running your business:

Self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses can help others trust you and increase credibility.
Acknowledging what you have yet to learn can help everyone in your organization continue to educate themselves as well.
Being mindful of your leadership can help you come to the realization that something is not working and fix the plan so it does work.
Feedback from your employees can help you become a better listener.
Ask good questions to help with everyone’s performance and demonstrate self-awareness.
Set a good example so your entire business can become self-aware. This will benefit your customers, goals, and growth.
Finding a deeper understanding of yourself can help you foster stronger relationships and build a trustworthy team. At Mancuso-Nowak Insurance Agency, we hope these tips help you accomplish your goals. To protect your new found leadership, you should also think about establishing a business insurance policy. We offer personalized services that will help safeguard you from the unique risks you face. Given the variety of options, it makes sense to choose our team, who takes the time to explain policies that pertain to your company.