Hurricane Season – Who Is At The Greatest Risk

hurricane gloria

Hurricane season runs from June 1 – November 30 in the Atlantic Ocean. Some of Massachusetts biggest hurricanes were from the end of August into October.  Storms during this time frame include Hurricane Gloria (September 1985), Hurricane Bob (August 1991), Hurricane Irene (August 2011), and Hurricane Sandy (October 2012). Predictions for this season are above average with 18 named storms, 8 of which will be hurricanes, 4 of which will be a category 3 (wind speed of 111-129 mph) or higher. We have already seen 3 hurricanes so far in 2022!  The number of storms has no correlation to the severity of the storms. Most hurricanes affect the Gulf of Mexico and the southern states along the Atlantic Ocean. Coastal areas often endure the most damage, many of which are located in the Hurricane Evacuation Zones.

Massachusetts coastal regions are labeled as Evacuation Zone A, B, or C. It is important to know your zone at home and at work.  Many people still commute to Boston which is part of all 3 Evacuation Zones. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has created a map to help residents determine if they are in a hurricane Evacuation Zone.  Evacuation Zone A is at the greatest risk for coastal flooding and storm surge.

The most damaging element of a hurricane is the storm surge. A storm surge is when the winds from a hurricane force huge amounts of water from the ocean on to the land. If a hurricane hits at high tide the storm surge is most destructing. It is important to have an evacuation route and destination planned out in case your home or work is evacuated. Massachusetts Public Safety Administration has outlined the steps residents should take before and after a hurricane to ensure safety during a storm.

We hope the area does not have an active and destructive Hurricane Season! It is always best to be prepared for the worst.

* Hurricane Gloria pictured