Super-Sized Outdoor Kitchens and Your Homeowners Policy

The new trend in backyard living is bringing all your indoor amenities outside. We are talking flatscreen TVs, music piped throughout the yard, huge grills, refrigerators, couches, fire pits, all the bells and whistles. These renovations are costing homeowners thousands of dollars. With such a big investment, it is important to know if it is well protected.

outdoor kitchens

As the homeowner you would want to make sure your Coverage C (Personal Property) on your policy has adequate limits. Typically Coverage C is 50% of your Coverage A (Dwelling). In most cases this is sufficient, but if you have a lot of expensive furnishing outside, you may want to increase your Coverage C to 70%.

In addition to your Homeowners Policy limits, you will want to make sure your property is safe. To monitor all of your expensive items outside you can install security cameras and have it connected to your indoor security system. There are some systems that you can access from your smart phone and always keep an eye on your investment. Lighting is also important especially when it is dark out and there are people visiting that are unfamiliar with the property. Both ground lighting and above head lighting are a good idea. This will prevent people from tripping and hurting themselves on your property.

As with all outdoor furnishings, it is important to take all non-stationary items indoors during bad weather. Make sure to tie down all other items so there is no risk of flying items during heavy winds. You don’t want to damage your house with furnishings from your yard.

If you have any questions about your Homeowners Policy in connection to your outdoor amenities please call us for more information. And more importantly, enjoy dining al fresco!