Ugh it is that time of year when our tires meet the inevitable potholes on so many roads in the area. As the state is trying to meet the high demands of fixing all the potholes, you will probably hit one of these road problems. Potholes on town/city roads should be reported to that municipality’s highway department.  The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) would like you to report any potholes you come across on state run roads by calling 857-DOT-INFO.   2-25-16-pothole

Since it is the season for potholes, please make sure you use extra caution on the roads. Always pay attention to the road ahead, especially if you see a puddle…it could be hiding a large pothole. If you are trying to avoid a pothole, make sure it is safe to do so. Knowing your traffic surrounding you at all times, makes it easier to make split second decisions on the road. If you can not avoid the pothole, slow down. Slamming on breaks may not be the best option if someone is in close proximity directly behind you. Letting off the gas and slowing down safely could be your only option.

If you have hit a pothole and fear substantial damage to your car, make sure you pull over to a safe area. If you believe it is only minor damage, wait to you get to your destination to check the car. Listen for unusual sounds coming from your car after you have hit a pothole. The alignment could be off or a wheel could be damaged. Bring your car to a mechanic to get a professional assessment of the damage.  If you sustained extensive property damage or injury there is a claim process on the DOT’s website: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/dcr-property-damage-or-personal-injury-claim-procedures.

Most potholes should be fixed during early spring, but please report any that have not been repaired. Save your car and many others’ cars!