Time to Get Healthy!

It is the summer and it is time to get healthy! The weather invites us to get outside and enjoy the day. Some great tips on how to improve your health this summer:

  • yoga on the beachFind 30 minutes a day to be active. Chase the kids around the yard. Take a walk after dinner. Go for a swim. Mow the lawn (not a riding lawnmower!) and do yard work. On the weekend take a hike at a local park or mountain. It is much easier to be active in the summer. Check how many calories you are burning using this tool.
  • Eat local, fresh food. There are farmers markets in almost every town. Support local growers and eat healthy!
  • Drink more water! So simple and so effective. Next time you go for a snack or sit down to a meal drink a full glass of water. It will fill you up so you don’t overeat.
  • Have healthy snacks prepared from the night before. Having fresh cut up fruit in the fridge or at your desk is so easy to eat. Almonds in a baggie in your purse, car or desk drawer will give you a healthy satisfying snack ready when you are hungry. Don’t go more than 3-4 hours without eating or you will be famished and probably eat too much when you finally do eat.
  • Determine your stress triggers, and remove them. If sitting in traffic is stressful for you, go in to work earlier and take a walk or go to a coffee shop and relax. If going earlier is not possible find a stress relieving activity like yoga. Lowering your stress level will make you healthier and has been shown to reduce belly fat.
  • Get together with friends. Keeping fun and beneficial relationships active is important to your mental health. Have a cookout, go to dinner, go for a walk, go to a game, etc. Always better to share the fun with someone you like.
  • Treat yourself well and take care of your health. Staying healthy should be enjoyable!