Are Your Tires Winter Ready?

The slippery winter months are upon us. From mid November to mid April the roads can be treacherous. The only part of your car that meets those treacherous roads are your tires. Your tires will be affected when the temperature outside is above or below 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Below 19 degrees tires lose elasticity and thus their traction on the road. Make sure your tires are in the best condition this winter to avoid some slipping and sliding. Here are some tire tips:

  • Make sure the tires are inflated to recommended tire pressure (found on the inside of the drivers door frame)
  • If your tires treads are worn down they should be replaced, low treads make for poor traction in snow
  • Buy snow tires for the winter and put them on all 4 tires. These tires are designed to keep their elasticity when the temps go below 19 degrees.
  • At minimum have all-season tires (M+S rated) on all 4 tires
  • When winter is over do not keep snow tires on during the warm/hot months they will deteriorate

winter tire

Keep yourself and family safe when on the roads this winter, make sure your tires are winter ready! Drive slowly, avoid quickly breaking and accelerating when on the roads the next few months. Even with the best winter tires proper driving is essential. Snow tires aren’t miracle workers they need someone safely using them!