Protect Your Vehicle after the Spree of Shrewsbury Car Break-Ins

parked carIf your car is parked in your driveway, garage, or close to home, you may think that it is safe and sound. Think again. A car burglary, break-in, or theft could happen at any moment. If you live in Shrewsbury or a surrounding town, you should take car theft seriously by protecting your auto, especially during the nighttime.

In July, for two weeks the Shrewsbury Police Department arrested five people who committed car break-ins at the Shrewsbury Green and Shrewsbury Commons apartments. First, two teens were arrested when officials caught them breaking into into vehicles at the Green. They were charged with larceny over $250 and nighttime breaking and entering into a motor vehicle with intent to commit a felony. In addition, three more people were arrested after allegedly breaking into cars at the Apartments. The burglars were each charged with breaking and entering a vehicle/boat in the nighttime and larceny over $250.

What if these crimes occurred on your property? If you leave your vehicle unattended or unlocked, this gives a robber the perfect opportunity to take your car. Reduce your chances of becoming a victim by following these tips:

Park in well-lighted areas both away from and at home. In addition, when you park, lock all the doors and your garage door.
Install a steering-wheel lock and an ignition disabler to prevent thieves from hot-wiring your car.
Never include your name and address on your keys.
Hide your registration papers in a safe place so a thief can’t steal your personal information too.
At Mancuso-Nowak Insurance Agency, we hope these tips will help you avoid car theft in the future. It is important that you teach everyone in your family these methods so your car can remain safeguarded. Another protective measure you can take is to have auto insurance. We offer personalized services to help you choose a policy and coverage that matches your unique needs. Our team understands how important your vehicle’s safety is, so when you come to us, you will feel safe.



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