What Does the Color of Your Car Say About You?

yellow carThey say that the color of your car can show others yourpersonality. Though this may seem like a stereotype, it is still fun to look into! You have obviously chosen your car and its color for a reason—why not find out what that reason may be? According CNW Marketing Research, the color of your vehicle may be linked to your mental health. In this study, nearly 1,900 Americans were asked questions about their lives at several different points. The findings are quite interesting.


Here is what the color of your car may reveal about you:

Black: Drivers who were the least confident drove black vehicles. Hey—we think black is classy!

Green: These drivers were seen to be the most confident AND have a positive attitude.

Red and Yellow: SURPRISE! These drivers were both seen as downbeat. Do you agree with this finding? We would think that bright cars equal happiness and upbeat personalities!

Silver and Blue: On the opposing side of red and yellow, silver and blue were associated with positive outlooks.

These fun facts are certainly not always true and should not influence your choice or opinion in either way, but it is still an interesting study. What does the color of your car say about you?

When it comes down to it, the fact of the matter is that it does not matter what color car you drive. What matters is that you are happy with your choice and protect it! At Mansuco-Nowak Insurance, we believe that you and your car deserve the best coverage out there. We encourage Massachusetts drivers to speak with us about our options! We offer a variety of policies with a discount for everyone. From good student to mature drivers, we will make sure you are satisfied with your affordable and reliable plan. Now go out and find a new green car—kidding!



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