Air Quality Awareness Week

This week is Air Quality Awareness Week. Everyone is trying to take good care of themselves…eat right, exercise, maintain healthy relationships. What about monitoring the air that you breathe? Seems very important, right? Why aren’t we paying more attention to it then? Start this week!


Let’s start with your indoor air quality. Check to see if you or someone you live with is at a higher risk of having complications with poor air quality.

Do you need your air ducts cleaned to provide a healthier environment inside your home? Find out the facts.

Even if it is not necessary for you to clean the air ducts, changing the filter at least every 6 months is absolutely necessary. It is also important to make sure you are using a HEPA filter vacuum along with an air purifier if you have individuals in your household that are sensitive to air quality.

When going outside there are many air pollutants. The most common are ozone and particle pollution. If you or ones you know are in a higher risk category for sensitivity to poor air quality, then you should be mindful of the Air Quality Index (AQI) daily, especially in the summer months. Here is an explanation of what the AQI is and how to know if you should stay indoors or alter your plans:

Take these steps to insure that you are taking care of yourself and others around you. Stay healthy!



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