Winter Driving!

Winter is here, the cold has set in and we have had our first snow. Driving in the winter can be tricky, but here are a few tips to improve your driving on the snow and ice:

  • Clean off your car completely! Even though it is not a law to remove snow and ice from vehicles, police can still ticket due to driving an unsafe car. If you cause an accident you could incur more penalties.
  • Make sure your tires are suitable for winter weather, check out these guidelines: winter tires
    Consider changing your windshield wipers: Rain-X Latitude blades received the highest rating for winter blades
  • Do not make hasty driving decisions, no quick turns or braking
  • Do not use cruise control
  • Drive slowly, it is easier to stop on snow and ice when you are not traveling at high speeds
  • Bridges and ramps are the most slippery, use caution
  • In slippery conditions use the “4 Second Rule” for the amount of space you leave between you and vehicle in front of you
  • Make sure all vehicle fluids are at proper levels – antifreeze, wiper fluid, etc.
  • Keep warm blankets and flares in your car in case of a breakdown or accident

Please stay safe on the roads and allow a few extra minutes for travel during wintery conditions. Happy Winter!



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