Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe

As a business owner, you understand the risks that your business faces each and every day. Even while you are not around—your company will still face the unexpected. Just because it is after hours, does not mean you do not need protection. To keep your company safe, it is important to take the proper precautions and prevention methods.

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This week, our agents are here to extend a few pieces of advice to business owners. These preventative safety measures may help to keep a target off of your commercial property.

#1: Install an alarm system. Whether you look into a blaring alarm or a silent alarm, something should be installed. This tactic will not only scare intruders away and prevent crime, but will notify the police.

#2: Lock all windows and doors. Of course you remember to lock the doors, but how about the windows? Make sure you use deadbolts where need be and remember to lock ANY entrance points. Burglars do not mind climbing into windows and you should be prepared for this type of break-in.

#3: Keep it lit. A well lit place is more likely to keep vandals away than a building that is left in the dark. It is also important to remain well lit if you have security cameras on premises. If the area is too dark, the camera may not catch any action.

#4: Keep small amounts of cash at the business and make sure it is noted on the door that you do not keep large amounts of cash on premises

#5: Try to keep the cash register visible from the outside, so people can see if anything bad is happening inside

#6: If feasible, install security cameras. If there is a break-in, vandals will be caught on camera and it will be easier to find/arrest them. And if there is an unfortunate “inside job” you will be able to determine the employee(s), address the issue and determine action.

#7: Look into commercial property insurance. Having this coverage in place, you can be sure that your building and property is protected from vandalism, crime, fire damages, electrical issues and much more.

Though these tactics will help in preventing crime and damages, they may not be enough. Your best bet is to be prepared for the worst with a solid business insurance package. Not only can you protect your building with commercial property insurance, but you can also look into commercial vehicle insurance, general liability, excess liability, and much more. Your business is far too important to become a victim to vandalism!



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