Do You Need Business Insurance for Your Home-Based Business?

The short answer is yes.  Many people believe that a standard Homeowners Policy will cover a business out of the home.  This is an incorrect assumption.  Here is why it is important for you to have a Business Policy.  Let’s look at a popular home-based business, LuLaRoe, and some situations that could arise.

Not Covered by Homeowners, Covered by Business Owners: 

  • There is a fire and your LuLaRoe inventory is ruined
  • From that fire you not only lost your inventory, but your business income has been interrupted
  • Someone slips, falls and is injured at one of your parties at your house
  • The UPS delivery person slips on your property and is injured while delivering a box of LuLaRoe leggings
  • Someone from one of your LuLaRoe parties has a little too much to drink and gets in an accident on the way home
  • A hacker steals all of your LuLaRoe client information, including credit card numbers

Now that you want to protect yourself from these types of situations, you will need to set up a Business Policy.

Most popular options for coverage:

  • A Rider to your Homeowners Policy will provide limited coverage, but is a low cost option (this is better than nothing!).
  • A Business Owners Policy (BOP) will have more comprehensive coverage to protect against the losses above and many others.

According to the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, 61% of at-home businesses do not have adequate coverage.  Do not be one of those people.  Call us today to find out more information about protecting your home-based business!



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