Filing Claims for Personal Insurance – Auto and Home

You have insurance so you are protected from financial hardship if you have an accident or something happens to your home.  So what do you do if you suffer a loss?  There are a few simple steps you need to take to file a claim.

Auto Claim

  • After an accident gather the other driver’s personal information including: name, address, phone number and insurance company.  If there was not another vehicle involved in the accident just skip this step and go to the next.
  • Take pictures if safe to do so.
  • Then call your insurance agent and report the loss with the description, location and all the information from the other party involved in the accident.
  • The insurance company will then contact you to have an appraisal done.
  • You will then need to get your vehicle fixed at a reputable body shop.
  • The work order from the body shop will then be sent to the insurance company.
  • After the claim is settled be prepared for a surcharge notice in the mail if you were found at fault. You can file an appeal during a small window of time if  you want to dispute it.


Homeowners Claim

  • Before you have a claim it is in your best interest to do a video of your home to document belongings and their condition, so it is easier to file a claim.  Make sure this video is saved in multiple locations.
  • After a loss it is important to take pictures of the damage.  Try to mitigate further loss, but document everything and keep receipts!
  • Call your insurance agent and report the loss with complete details and pictures.  Fill out all required forms.
  • The insurance company will then contact you to have an appraisal done.
  • Be present for all insurance inspections and appraisals.
  • Contact a reputable contractor to fix the damage.  If there is extensive damage a restoration company may be needed.
  • If your home in inhabitable, there is coverage for temporary relocation under your policy, subject to limits.
  • Save all your receipts.

We hope that you never have to go through the claims process, but if you do hopefully the above steps help it to go smoothly.  Please call us if you have an questions about filing a claim



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