All About Melissa Turner

Melissa is a part time employee here at Mancuso-Nowak.  She is the one who will greet you if you come in, she sits front and center when you walk in to the agency.  She has all different daily tasks, from insurance renewals to social media to human resources (this could be an arbitrary designation?).  Now she is administrator for the Biggest Loser competition in the office, a very important job!  With the renewals Melissa is in charge of reviewing all the customers’ renewals and ensuring coverage and premium are in check.  Social media posts on Facebook and Twitter are done daily by Melissa.  She is the one always making the office pose for pictures to post : )

Melissa has insurance in her blood, literally, she is Joe Mancuso’s daughter and grew up in the business…and Tony is her cousin by marriage.  She went to Bryant University to study finance and received training at Liberty Mutual for insurance underwriting.  After having her children she moved back to the area and started working a few hours at the agency.  Now she continues to work while her children are at school.  There is no other place she would rather work surrounded by family.

When asked Melissa said her favorite part of working at Mancuso-Nowak is that her family has worked hard to have a small business to help local residents with their insurance needs.  Working with and for family has been very important to her.  Her co-workers (that aren’t related to her) have become her work family, so she has a lot of respect for them and their hard work in the agency.  Even though insurance is very fun, sometimes the entertainment from co-workers makes each day even more enjoyable.  She also loves greeting the customers when they come in to the office.  Our customers are the best and we want to be the agency they can depend on for their insurance needs.

If you are looking to eat healthy Melissa is your girl.  Because she has Celiac Disease she knows every grocery store aisle and restaurant that carries gluten free food.  She lives vicariously through everyone in the office when they are having Rocco’s donuts, cookies and candy.   She does lead the office in tater tot consumption though!

You can find Melissa volunteering in her childrens’ classrooms when she is not in the office.  On the weekends she is at her kids sporting events and spending time with her family and friends.  The Cape is her happy place, she loves beaching it during the summer.  During the winter she hibernates because she’s always cold!

With great mentors in the insurance business, Melissa looks forward to every day at the agency!

All About Kara Nadeau

Anyone who has worked with us in the past 27 years knows Kara.  And they are happy to know her!  She is our rock and the glue that holds us all together.  She has been with Mancuso-Nowak the longest of all our employees.  Kara is the Office Manager and handles our finances.  As an Office Manager she provides support to the Customers Service employees in both Personal and Commercial lines.  In addition to all of that she handles some of our Commercial line accounts.

How did we get so lucky to have Kara?  She was going to college and a friend recommended her for a part time job at Saksa Insurance.  The year Kara graduated from college Mancuso-Nowak bought Saksa Insurance and Kara was offered a full time position.  Kara has been with us for 27 years (and she’s only 39! wink, wink).  The office is a better place with Kara here.  She makes us laugh….mostly at her “Monday is Diet Day”.  She’s all business with her diet on Monday, then by Tuesday the Twizzlers and chocolate are fair game.  She will always have the bowl on the front counter in the office full of candy.  She keeps us all happy, and well fed with junk food.

When asked about her favorite part about working at Mancuso-Nowak, she said all of the people who work here and the customers.  We couldn’t agree more.  The office works cohesively together and we have fun doing it.  And without our great customers we wouldn’t exist.

When Kara isn’t at work you can find her spending time with her family.  She is always at soccer, football and basketball games and track meets cheering on her two children.  And to wind down from her busy week you can find her watching Law & Order SVU, there isn’t an episode she has missed!

Kara does an amazing job steering this ship everyday.  Thank you Kara for your loyalty and dedication to us and all of our customers : )

All About Linda Hester

Linda is the kindest, gentlest person we know.  Her sweetness shows through when she is helping our customers, that’s why we love her! Linda is a Customer Service Representative for our commercial lines.  She helps all of our business owners with their insurance needs – Workers Compensation, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Property and Bonds.  She answers client questions, processes their requests for policy changes and places new business.

Linda got into the insurance industry when an employment agency placed her with an agent in need of clerical help.  As the years went on she learned both personal and commercial lines of business, so she knows everything there is about insurance!  Whenever we have a question about coverage and regulations, Linda has the answer.  She is on top of all our companies that we write here at the agency.  Her 30 years of service in the insurance industry has made her an invaluable asset to our team.

When asked, Linda said her favorite thing about working at Mancuso-Nowak is that there are clearly defined roles and organization.  Our positions are well denoted which is awesome for type A personalities : )  Linda also likes that the office is friendly and we work well together.

On weekends you can find Linda walking her dog Brady.  We enjoy seeing pictures of Brady, he is the cutest. When the weather gets nicer Linda is out in her yard tending to her amazing garden.  We love all the delicious vegetables she brings in for us!  In the evening you might catch Linda having a cocktail with her husband on her deck, relaxing.

We are so lucky to have Linda in our office!

April: Care Care Month

April is a busy month preparing our yards for the spring and summer weather, repairing our house and spring cleaning.  What about our cars that take us everywhere we go?  We rely on their dependability, but are we doing our job to make sure they are running properly?  We take it for granted that our cars will transport us safely to our destination.  Here are a few things we can do to help maintain our cars:

  • Check & change your oil.  Changing your oil allows your the internal parts of your engine to be protected, especially in the hot summer months.
  • During your oil change ask the technician to inspect the breaking system and all belts and hoses.
  • Check your coolant.  Coolant helps your engine not to overheat, which can cause engine failure.
  • Check power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.
  • Windshield washer fluid should be topped off.
  • Check the tire pressure in all tires, including the spare tire.
  • Have your tires rotated, so they wear evenly.
  • Have your battery tested if it is older than 3 yrs.
  • Check to see if air filters need to be replaced.  Dirt can do a lot of damage to the engine.
  • Check wiper blades and replace once a year.
  • Check all interior and exterior lights (double check those reverse lights and directionals).

Many costly repairs can be avoided by properly maintaining your car.  For Care Care Month take the few extra minutes to extend the life of your car.  Happy Driving!