National Unplugged Day Motivation!

Planet Fitness has created some tech free ways to spend your time on National Unplugged Day.  Here they are:

Replace Facetime with FIT-TIME!

Substitute those screen minutes w/ Mighty Minutes:

  • Replace TEXTING with…
    • Squat Jumps
  • Replace FACETIMING with…
    • Slow-Mo Lunges
  • Replace SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS with…
    • Plank Jacks
  • Replace SCROLLING with…
    • Flutter Kicks/Scissor kicks

Unplug your Tech & Reconnect Your FLEX!

Rediscover the importance of:

  • The importance of MOVING to increase your blood flow
    • Star Jacks
  • The importance of MENTAL STIMULATION to maximize your mental mojo
    • Single-leg crossovers
  • The importance of CREATIVITY to break monotony
    • Icky Shuffles using imaginary agility ladder
  • The importance of POSITIVE POSTURE habit stacking for corrective movement
    • Hip Hinge to Trunk Twists
  • The importance of KEEPING THINGS FUN & FRESH to keep those muscles guessing
    • Fast Feet Karaoke

Power down the device & Power UP the MOJO!

All you NEED is YOU and take hold of the Power of RE:

  • The POWER to RE-CONNECT Mind + Body
    • § Single-leg dot drill for balance and coordination
  • The POWER to RE-DEFINE your cardio routine
    • § Fast feet to burpee
  • The POWER to RE-DISCOVER your center with core exercises
    • Crunch to oblique twists combo
  • The POWER to RE-IMAGINE your strength with alternative weights
    • Back lunge to triceps kickback with water bottles or other alternative items



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