What You Need to Know About MA Hands Free Law

The Massachusetts Hands Free Law started in February of 2020.  The law seems obvious, you can’t hold on to your phone and use it while driving.  That in fact is true, but there are also stipulations when not necessarily driving and a strict age restriction.

To begin with, drivers under the age of 18yrs are not allowed to use an electronic device at all, not even hands free.  No exceptions, not for GPS, not for music.  Many drivers, especially young drivers and their parents are not aware of this part of the Hands Free Law.

Drivers over the age of 18yrs have the following rules within the Hands Free Law:

  • can only touch phone to active hands free mode
  • device needs to be properly mounted to windshield, dashboard or center console not to block vision or inhibit proper functioning of vehicle
  • GPS is permitted only when electronic device is properly mounted
  • voice to text is only permitted when device is properly mounted
  • use of headphone, one ear only, is acceptable
  • can only hand hold device when vehicle is stationary and off of a public travel or bicycle lane (no red light texting!!!)

If you are caught not obeying the Hands Free Law the first offence is $100 fine.  The second time is $250 fine plus mandatory distracted driving course.  The third offence (please just keep your phone at home if you can’t stop using it on the road!) is a $500 fine.  With the third time you also need to do the distracted driving course plus get an insurance surcharge.  You will not enjoy paying more on your insurance for 6 years!  Let’s make the roads a safer place together : )  www.mancuso-nowak.com



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